GVT gyro stabilized marine camera


GYROVIS gyro stabilized marine camera
No jolt and swing , so quiet that see further

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Due to the shaking of the ship, the ship borne PTZ image swings seriously, and it is impossible to stably observe the target. People often say "no seasickness, yet seasickness monitoring".
The anti shake PTZ on board adopts the "GYRO.VIS" patented technology, embeds a high-precision gyro gimbals in the PTZ, and constructs a PTZ structure of "2-axis 4-gimbal", with a stability accuracy of 0.002°(about 35urad). It can isolate the ship's swing and stably observe the target within 2-8km. It is widely used for ships,vehicles , robots and watch tower.

Application area:
Ø Water search and rescue, ship observation,Maritime and fishery administration.
Ø Can be used for Marine,vehicles,robots,tower or mast monitoring platform.
Product superiority:
Ø High stability accuracy, 2-axis 4-gimbal, combined with the company's advantages of control technology, comparable to the top military photoelectric system
Ø The comprehensive cost is low, the use of mature monitoring PTZ, suitable to promote to most official ships, commercial ships, fishing boats and unmanned platforms;
Ø The interface is compatible, appearance and interface are consistent with conventional monitoring platform, convenient installation and use, and can support radar linkage;
Ø Custom services, can customize different needs and functions of the photoelectric stability platform according to the needs of different customers。
Product parameters

Kind qualification
model GVT21-30B1(H1)
PTZ Stabilize the type Gyro stabilized with 2-axis 4-gimbal
Stabilize accuracy The base type was 0.01°
the high-precision type was 0.002°
rotation range 360°
pitch range   Limit ± 90,control range ± 40
spin velocity 0.1-40°/s
L * W * H 400×243×210mm
Net weight about 7kg
camera resolution ratio 200W pixel,1080P
minimal illumination Color:0.002Lux@F1.2 
Lens zoom 30x optical zoom
focal distance 4.1—122mm
View field angle 60.5°—2.5°
export H264/H265
Lighting distance 50—100m
Working conditions interface RJ45
protocol ONVIF ,Mainstream agreement
voltage 12V
power 20W—35W(illumination on)
Sealing IP66
temperature -10-45℃