GVB263 gyro stabilized marine camera


GYROVIS gyro stabilized marine camera
No jolt and swing , so quiet that see further

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    Due to the ship swaying or vehicles shaking, the video image of PTZ camera swings seriously, and we can’t see the target clearly .
    So gyro stabilized PTZ platform is needed. It can isolate the ship's swing and widely suitable for ship-borne,vehicles,robots and watch tower. It is used for search and rescue, coastal reconnaissance, sea monitoring and other applications.
    GVB26-3 gyro stabilized PTZ platform relying on a number of patents, combines with many advanced technologies such as “Direct Driver”, “Array Sensor”, “Isomerism Fusion”,“Zero Friction” and so on.It integrated thermal imaging and high-rate visible dual-spectral camera, and 1,500 meters of laser illuminator, can eliminate the carrier wobble, to see clearly what you can see more than 10 kilometers.
    “ZeroFrict”:The friction resistance of the oil-seal will badly reduce the stability accuracy. The original “ZeroFrict”(zero friction resistance) technology can eliminate this impact, the anti-shake accuracy is as high as 0.002 degrees (about 0.035mrad),comparable to the high-end military photoelectric platform.

l Built-in the original "ZeroFrict" technology, the anti-shake accuracy is better than 0.002°
l 640×512 pixels thermal, 12um pixels, 75mm lens
l 1/2 inch, 50x (90x optional) zoom visible light camera
l Ultra-low illumination + Optical fog reduction + Anti heat wave
l fiber homogenizer laser illuminator, range up to 1500 meters
l Horizontal 360° continuous rotation, pitch -45° to +45° rotation
l The positioning accuracy is 0.1°, linkage with shipborne radar
l protection level up to IP67
l Salt-fog prevention (optional)


Product parameters

Kind qualification
model GYROVIS  GVB263
Target size ship number:1m×1m     ship:24m×8m
Identify number EO:2000m    Laser:1500m
Identify ships EO:8000m    IR:3500m
Discover ships EO:12000m   IR:10000m
Thermal imaging Detector Uncooled LW thermal imaging
Pixels 640×512,12um
Focal length F = 75mm  F1.0
View angle 5.8 × 4.6°
EO cinema CMOS 200W pixel,1080P
minimal illumination Color:0.001Lux@F1.2 
Lens zoom 50x optical zoom
Focal distance 6- 300mm
View field angle 60°- 1.4°
Laser lighting Light source 808nm Fiber homogenization laser
Light power 8W
Light distance 1500m
Field of view 70°- 0.8°
Stable platform Stable type Double axis stability image
Driver type Torque motor direct drive
Rotation range Tilt:360°,Pan:±45°
Stability accuracy 0.002°(1δ,2°/1Hz),≈0.035mrad
Response frequency 10Hz
spin velocity 0.1-80°/s
Network function
Video compression H.264
Interface RJ45
Resolution ratio 1920×1080,25FPS
protocol ONVIF ,Mainstream agreement
Working conditions
voltage DC20V±30%,4A
power 20-40W(Laser on)
L W H 326×260×446mm
weight ≈14KG
Sealing IP67
temperature -10-45℃